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April 4, 2017

American Sniper ReviewMy American Sniper review starts out with a pretty simple word. Awesome! After 24 years of military service I think the movie makers did a great job of showing to some degree, what a family goes through when dealing with a deployment. Not to mention 4 or 5.

Thou I hate the ending, itai??i??s simply because I hate what happens to this American hero. The facts are the facts, and I donai??i??t think anyone would say they liked how the story ends. that being said, it doesnai??i??t mean its a bad movie or they did the ending badly. It just means that how his life ends, sucks!

I think how they showed his amazement with everyday life here at home goes on, like thereai??i??s not a war going on was important and gives some insight to non service members on how we feel when we come home to everyday life again.

My thoughts are completely unaffected by current and present reviews by others, because simply put. I havenai??i??t read even one of them. As a service member myself I have no desire to read people putting down a story about an amazing man and an amazing story. So I watched it and came up with my own conclusions.

Also want to give big props to the female who played his wife. She did an amazing job showing how allot of military wives and girlfriends deal with their husband, and sometimes wives are deployed. They carry on, they get things done. They keep the family moving forward with little or no help from their spouses. Sometimes this causes resentment when their spouse gets home.

Then to make things worse. The service member is trying to deal with and reorient themselves with normal life again. This combination of feelings and issues make it very difficult for most marriages, and I think the movie showed that aspect very well.

Overall Iai??i??d gladly give the movie a 4 out 5 stars simply because they didnai??i??t go into a little more detail about how he was killed, and what happened to the Marine who killed him.

That being said, still highly encourage you to watch the movie, his story deserves to be known by all. And remember, his story is similar to thousands of other service men and women out there. So, please say thank you to a veteran if you see one.
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